Santorum’s Theme Song: “Every Sperm Is Sacred” – Flash Mob, Anyone?

With Rick Santorum surging in the polls, it reminds me of a song that should be his theme song. Just imagineĀ interrupting his next speech with a rousing rendition of this – from Monty Python‘s “The Meaning Of Life”

About Jack Jamison
Jack Jamison is a writer, photographer, and raconteur living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2 Responses to Santorum’s Theme Song: “Every Sperm Is Sacred” – Flash Mob, Anyone?

  1. Diane Osgood says:

    YES! The media needs to shout this as his theme song. Rick Santorum running for President is like being in a Monty Python Movie!! I have just written to Saturday Night Live to do this as a skit!

    Rick Santorum is CRAZY!! No contraception, no prenatal testing, use up the earth right now and don’t worry about the future of the environment! It takes a Family, but don’t worry about the Village. All these things make no sense because he is CRAZY!! The job of the President is about the “Villages” that make up the country. If he does not think it takes a Village for a healthy economy, healthy society why is he running for President? What a complete disaster he would be!!

  2. Here is a version of Every Sperm Is Sacred designed specifically for men like Rick Santorum.

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