UC Davis Chancellor Slinks Away Without Being Pepper-sprayed

After this kind of abuse happened to her students, UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was mostly quiet. Jesus, nothing has changed since the 60’s, has it? Finally, in a phone interview with CNN, Katehi said she found the actions of the police officers to be “unacceptable.” She also firmly stated that she did not plan to resign, despite calls from both students and professors to do so.

Then she decided it was unsafe to leave the building for several hours. The students cleared a path for her and she did the shame walk. She blew off most of the questions, saying, “No” when asked is she was still afraid of her students. Her companion says, “We’ve asked for a quiet, dignified exit.”

She should get one, right quick. Fire her.

About Jack Jamison
Jack Jamison is a writer, photographer, and raconteur living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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