Everyone Will Be Marching April 28. But I’m Gonna Look Gooood!

Size 16. Really.

You may have heard that there is a march on April 28 against the War On Women. I was wondering what I could do to encourage folks to march, if the state legislatures’ inroads on women’s rights hasn’t already provided the right motivation.  Obviously there is already enough substance to motivate people. But what about fun and flash? Many people care about the issues, but think that a march is not really their thing. Yet we need them to come out and help us show the numbers of women and their male allies who have taken notice – and umbrage. So, substance is provided. What can I do, as a man, to encourage women and men alike to march on April 28?

What else?

If 50 of my friends sign up to march with me in Santa Fe, I will do this march . . . in High Heels. Yes, remarkably, they do make heels in size 16. (I have no real interest in knowing why.😉 )

I encourage you to find creative ways to encourage *your* friends to march. If you tell them a 6’5″ 56 year old man with size 16 feet will be marching in high heels, that might be enough of a draw for some. But I’m only marching in Santa Fe.

I drew inspiration for this idea from a group called Walk A Mile In Her Shoes. They create marches – and photo ops of men in heels – around the world so men can demonstrate that rape, sexual assault and gender violence are not acceptable in their communities.

Please register through the national organizing page on Facebook or visit the website and follow the three steps to join the official March for your state. Thank you, and spread the word!

We will turn the tide. We will have fun with each other while doing it. And I, at least, will look gooood.😉

Mayberry Gone Wild

5 Responses to Everyone Will Be Marching April 28. But I’m Gonna Look Gooood!

  1. Madge says:

    I challenged my husband to do this. No go. Thank you for feeling our pain. Be sure to wear them around quite a bit so your tendons are accustomed to being stretched and your toes are used to walking with the blood pooling while the circulation is cut off therein.

    • I’ll do my best. I am waiting until people sign up. So far, a lot of my friends like the idea, but only one has signed up. The more time I have to get used to it, the easier it will be. I think I’d better schedule a massage for later that day.

      If heels are a problem, ask your hubby if he will wear a skirt (calling it a kilt may make your case easier to sell).

  2. Yvonne H. says:

    This is wonderful! I’m sharing this article with all my friends. If more men were like you, there would be no war on women. Thank you!

  3. Thomas Jaggers says:

    Hi John,

    Where do we sign up? When I click the link it takes me to an Education Assistance page.

    Thanks for doing this.

    • Hi, Thomas. Thanks for trying to sign up. When I click on the links, “a march on April 28” and “the website” they take me, and should take you, to this URL: http://www.wearewomenmarch.net/ . On that page should be a map of the US, where you click on your state for info about the march or marches there. If that doesn’t work, let me know what state you are in, and I will find and post the info for you here. You can also find info on marches in your state on Facebook. Look for “We Are Women March – [Your State].”

      Good luck, thanks again, and let me know if this still doesn’t work.

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