What Have You Heard About the Woman Running For President?

There is a woman running for president. I had the pleasure of dining with her this week in Santa Fe. I’m not posting this as an endorsement or to ask you to vote for her, but to ask you to consider whether hers is a voice that ought to be heard. You will hear next to nothing about her or other third party candidates from the mainstream media, so I am taking it upon myself, from now until November, to use my blog and Facebook, Twitter and Google+ connections to loan them my small megaphone.

Dr. Jill Stein

Dr. Jill Stein’s campaign for the presidency: No, she will not win. The prize will go to one of the two main candidates. But one reason people give to candidates is to be sure that their voices are heard, whether they have a chance to win or not. At the dinner I attended with Dr. Stein this week, one man – a supporter of another candidate – donated $100 to Dr. Stein’s campaign on the spot.

If you want to be sure that free speech belongs, not only to those with CitizensUnited-era corporate backing, but to those without it, please consider giving to Dr. Stein’s campaign so she can qualify for matching funds. You can double your money by giving now (Early Money Is Like Yeast, you know):

We have until June 30 to qualify for federal matching funds. Every donation you make to Jill Stein for President, up to $250, can be matched dollar-for-dollar by public financing — IF, and only if— we get 20 states to qualify by June 30th.

They need the whopping sum of $5000/state. Can you imagine? Think of those numbers in contrast to the numbers you have heard about major party candidates. This celebrity gave $1 million. That dinner raised $250,000. And this uneven playing field is aided and abetted every election cycle by the mainstream media.

(By the way, the dinner I attended with Dr. Stein was not one of those $1000/plate fund raisers. It cost $20, tax and tip included, and went entirely for the food. Try seeing Barack Obama or Mitt Romney – or any major party candidate – under those conditions.)

The fact that she has no corporate backing is a good reason for me to lend her my support, but my main reason is that her positions accord with my values. If you think we might benefit from President Obama getting some pressure from his left flank on environmental issues, please consider giving Dr. Stein a voice.

When we discuss only those candidates who benefit from Citizens United, we effectively endorse the corporatization of those candidates.

We know, from long experience, that the mainstream media will not cover what third party candidates have to say. They will not be invited to the major debates. Nor will they be permitted even to debate each other and be covered by the media.

Fortunately, things have changed: WE are the media. Will we do the same job as, and take our lead from, the mainstream media? Or will we give voice to those without corporate sponsorships? Once the time has come, as it has, that we can do something about a situation, the time has passed for merely complaining about it.

 As the campaigns continue I intend to talk about the pros and cons of re-electing President Obama; the messages of third party candidates; the low approval rating of Congress – and high percentage of Congressmen and -women who will likely be re-elected; the desire for a third party and lack of support for the same; and more. Stay tuned.

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