Is Romney Like Hitler?

No. Not remotely. Not in any sense What.So.Ever.

This piece of crap was posted on Facebook today:

This shit has to stop.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with your politics does NOT – repeat, NOT – make them even remotely similar to a genocidal maniac.

Have a modicum of decency and reason. Can you imagine what people in Germany, who live with reminders of the Holocaust in their daily lives, think of idiocy like this? Or Jewish people whose family members died in the Holocaust?

The idiot who put this meme together doesn’t even know that Hitler served in the military. Moral and mental invalid. Must we prove over and over and over that we don’t have the most rudimentary grasp of even the most well known episodes of recent history? Then people re-post this crap without a moment’s reflection.

Stop it. Just stop it.

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