Uncommontary is a gathering place for forward-thinking people of all stripes. We feature provocative articles, links, conversations, and a variety of ways to make you think again. 

This site is designed to be an online intentional community for the voices that are rarely heard in the mainstream media.  We are reaching out across the web to find others who are fed up with the lack of participation we are permitted in our our current corporate political plutocracy

We’re not just independent, we’re fed up with the two party system – and this is a call to action to change it. Change is just a word until we demand it. We are not here to win a game, or a series of games: we are here to change the game, to envision and model a new game.

Ah, you say, it’s about politics. If we were just about politics, we would have shot ourselves already. Politics can be so soul-crushing; without art, without humor, without sex, we just couldn’t survive. So let’s talk about everything that stimulates us, inspires us, and enriches our lives. 

Thanks for reading, commenting, and linking to and from here.

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  1. Ter-Bear says:

    Me likey!

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