Bring Back Tarring and Feathering

A Look Fit for an Oil Company CEO

AGAIN? Another oil spill? This one’s in Brazil. And Obama is giving away leases to drill in the Gulf AND in Alaska?

Carlos Minc, the Rio de Janeiro state environment minister, said that Chevron, which is a partner with Petrobras on the well, likely faces fines of at least $5.5 million. [Can we replace that M with a B, please?]

‘We’re going to show this gang that they can’t come here and create whatever environmental mess they want,” Minc was quoted by the O Globo newspaper as saying in its Sunday edition. “I want to see the CEO of Chevron swim in that oil.”

And I want to sell advertising rights to a video of that swim on the Nature Channel.

On the other hand, wouldn’t this be the right time to bring back tarring and feathering? For humans, I mean. Not pelicans.

Oil? Nitrogen Fertilizer? Choose Your Poison.

Ahh, youth.

A lot of dolphins have been dying in the Gulf of Mexico.

Massive increase in dolphin deaths

Over 500 dolphins have washed up, dead, along the Gulf of Mexico since last year’s Deepwater Horizon cataclysm caused by BP. While scientists are not sure why so many dolphins have suddenly become prey, en masse, to an infection that has historically affected only a dolphin every now and then, inquiries are focusing on the effects of millions of gallons of crude oil that gushed into the Gulf last year before the well was mostly closed. One report says 580 dolphins have died, with newborns being most seriously affected.

They might also consider its effect in concert with the effects of the tons of nitrogen fertilizer that are washed down the Mississippi from farmlands every year, that have caused a huge dead zone (six to seven thousand square miles) in the Gulf that cannot support life. Obviously, this is not just a concern to environmentalists, but also to fishermen and women whose livelihoods depend on harvesting shrimp and other sea life.

Did I mention that BP was just given a new permit to drill in the Gulf? Yessirree.


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