Victory in Vegas

Remember  the video I posted by Thomas Linzey, who talked about how to circumscribe the power of corporations in our communities? Well, we have another victory to celebrate, this time in Las Vegas, New Mexico. As an article in the Las Vegas Optic explains,

The ordinance seeks to elevate the civil rights of the community and of its natural resources while limiting the rights currently enjoyed by corporations.

 As you might expect,

Moments after the vote, as jubilant backers of the controversial measure were celebrating, the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association notified the city attorney that it would be filing suit over the matter.

 Of course they would. This is a HUGE deal and a great precedent – which is why the  industry plans to sue, using the court system over which, through their influence on the legislature, they exert significant control (Who writes regulations these days? The industries to be regulated.). They are not done trying to overturn the will of a community which they have not been able to control or buy off. Please put this on your radar.
These entities are powerful. We should use every weapon at our disposal to reclaim our right to self-determination and to protect the future for our children and the world in which they will live. They write the rules, and insist that we play by them. Refuse. Change the game to one that they can’t win. The people do not exist for corporations; corporations exist for the people. Corporations and their representatives have forgotten that. Let us remind them.

Now We Know Why, And How to Resist

There are moments when I wonder why a particular speech,  article, or instance of oppression, has not been the spark that ignited the fuse that led to a revolution.

The following speech is a case in point. (The link is to the first of four segments. The total length is about 30 minutes.) The speaker is Thomas Linzey, cofounder of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. His assertions and solutions are – and I mean every syllable of this overused term – revolutionary.

I will be writing more about this speech and the topics he covers in the near future, but I didn’t want to delay in recommending the video to you. If you suspect that the deck is stacked against the survival of people and nature, Mr. Linzey will confirm those suspicions, give you a glimpse of the root causes, and tell you what some people are beginning to do about it. We do not have time to waste.

Sometimes the reason a spark can’t light the fuse is that they haven’t been brought together. Please share this speech widely.

If, after viewing, you are wondering what to do, here are some options. (You know, the media always tell us what’s wrong. They never tell us what we can do about it. Which is one reason we feel frustrated and helpless. I’m going to tell you what you can do about it. Then it’s up to you and me.)

99% Spring offers training in nonviolent resistance between April 9 and 15. Find a training near you. (I attended the training for trainers, and will be assisting as needed in California, where I will be that week.)

April 28 March Against the War on Women, occurring in every state capitol and Washington, D.C.

May 1 General Strike nationwide.

UPDATE: Last night, on APril 2, Las Vegas, New Mexico became the first community in the state to pass an ordinance like what Mr. Linzey discusses in this speech.

I would remind you that “Change is just the way things are.” Things always change, and never do so without agents of change. If things don’t change in the direction needed, it is because we are not the agents of change. Someone else is. But if they can be, we can be.

As the people of Las Vegas demonstrated last night.

As we demonstrated to force an inquiry into the death of Trayvon Martin.

And stopping the legal imposition of some of the invasive medical procedures that state and federal legislatures wanted to impose on women without their consent.

We are just beginning.


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