Santorum Whipping Up A Frenzy In The GOP? Not So Fast

In the Huffington Post article describing how Rick Santorum pulled out a remarkable showing in Iowa, there’s a wonderful silver lining for supporters of marriage equality – and a great example of why Santorum can’t win:

Husband Dave Bowman, for his part, missed the 2008 Iowa caucus because he was stationed in Iraq. There, he said, he met plenty of gay and lesbian service members, and, to a man and woman, they were fine soldiers. Gay marriage is legal in Iowa, and both Dave and Sarah were honored to be part of his sister’s wedding — one son, Liam, serving as a flower bearer, Sarah said. The couple had Liam, a surprise, out of wedlock and faced down the judgment of fellow Iowa conservatives. Liam is now six, with two younger brothers, and the Bowmans are husband and wife.

Rick Santorum may seem like an odd choice, but both Bowmans got behind him — Dave much more reluctantly than Sarah. As of Monday, he was still undecided, citing “the gay marriage thing.”

“That’s where we’re differing,” Sarah said about the couple and Santorum, whose activism against gay rights has been so hostile that his name has been turned into a literal description of a sometime byproduct of anal sex.

via How Rick Santorum Pulled It Off: A Tale Of Two Supporters (VIDEO).

DADT One Year Later: The Sky Hasn’t Fallen

Dan Savage nails it:

The bigots weren’t in the Armed Forces. The bigots were in the GOP and sitting in front of computers in the offices of anti-gay “Christian” organizations fap-fap-fapping about all the awful things that might happen in the showersand haven’t happened—once DADT was repealed.

The exact same bigots who predicted that the sky would fall if DADT was repealed make the exact same claims about marriage equality. The media shouldn’t just repeat their lies. Anti-gay bigots have earned a credibility problem. Reporters should challenge the bigots: They were 100% wrong about the “danger” of repealing DADT—why should anyone believe them when they warn about the “danger” of repealing DOMA? Their doom-and-gloom warnings on ending the ban on gays serving openly in the military were completely unfounded. Why should anyone take their doom-and-gloom warnings about ending the ban on same-sex marriage seriously?

And, man, I’d like to see Rick Perry tell that platoon leader—and his men—that he’s not fit to serve because he’s gay.

For some reason WordPress makes me go through vodpod to post this MSNBC link below:

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No incidents reported since DADT repealed, posted with vodpod

Re-Elect Obama: Should We, or Shouldn’t We?

In response to the endorsement of Obama’s re-election by the All Pueblo Indian Council, I suggested on Facebook that that endorsement was inconceivable. One commenter simply replied, “OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D” I asked, Why? Her very enthusiastic response basically boiled down to, “Because he’s not a Republican, and he got a Nobel Peace Prize.” She named not a single accomplishment.

Likewise, I have seen erstwhile critics of Obama who are now prepared to jump on the bandwagon for his re-election, and the most common reason, if not the only one, is that the Republican would be worse.

My own feeling – and I volunteered for his campaign, and voted for him in the Democratic primary – is that no one with so abysmal a record in office deserves to be re-elected. That’s a gross over-simplification. I know the subject is fraught with complexities, but I want to get to one particular thread in the whole issue, and that is this:

What has he done – not spoken eloquently about, but accomplished – that you think justifies his re-election. Or, on the other side, what has he done or failed to do, that you think disqualifies him from re-election, or would, at the very least, make it hard for you to vote for him?

Please make up your list first, before reading mine, so you can follow the thread of your own priorities. And please make this a dialogue. I want to know what others think.

Here’s what I give him credit for, with qualifiers where necessary:

> (Belatedly) ending the war in Iraq (more or less).
> Getting health insurance reform that admittedly covers millions more people (while making government the enforcer, bringing new clients to insurers, who by all rights should have been eliminated)
> Makes damned pretty speeches.
> He sometimes greets the bodies of KIA soldiers when they return to the US, and allows their caskets to be photographed
> He got bin Laden (but did not bring him to trial)

Here are a few of the problems I see:

> No coherent environmental policy, or even posture, at a time when we should be operating on a state of environmental emergency.
> No energy policy that would take us away from Old Carbon or from dependence on other nations
> No effective use of the largest party majority (Democrat OR Republican) in Congress since, I think, the 1930s
> Constant capitulation to Republicans on budget talks
> Opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – and now tries to take credit for it because it happened on his watch
> Guantanamo is still in operation
> He appointed Geithner AND Summers to positions of leadership in his administration
> No prosecutions of those who crashed Wall Street have happened, and no investigations are apparently underway
> Has not ended Bush’s tax cuts for the richest, nor increased taxes or reduced subsidies on companies recording record profits
> Has not supported marriage equality
> he may (reports differ utterly) have requested the power to indefinitely incarcerate Americans without trial. It’s bad enough that we do this – still – to foreign nationals in Guantanamo. But this would effectively make this a police state. Obama supporters: you want the next Republican president deciding that Occupiers or environmentalists are terrorists and can be held indefinitely?

Unless the president accomplishes a number of significant – I would say revolutionary – steps in these matters before next November, I have no more intention of voting for him as I would any other president with a largely corporatist, anti-environmental track record.

How about you?

Do Your Part. Take The Fox News poll: Do ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Represent Your Views Of The Economy?


‘YES’ is at 69% as of this moment, and climbing. This is a FOX NEWS POLL!  Even if there was a whole movement (and there ought to be) by the left to jump on this poll, we all know the Fox watchers / kool aid drinkers / tea baggers will be out in force too. This has to represent a significant – if not a majority – of their views as well. And another very significant thing about this poll is that ‘Maybe, I have no idea what they want’ – the current message of the mainstream media, and the right – is less than 3%. I’m very, very curious to see what Fox will make of it, if anything.

If you haven’t taken the poll, do it right now. If you’re reading this, you simply must make your voice heard:



Do ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Represent Your Views Of The Economy? | Fox News.

Hey, folks, it’s NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY! Can you imagine how many people are coming out in the military right now?

And if you’re gaylesbianbisexualtransgenderqueer,  or otherwise not hetero, TODAY’S THE DAY! Remember, we support you!

And if you ARE hetero, today’s the day to come our as an ally!

National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is an internationally observed civil awareness day, celebrating gaylesbianbisexualtransgenderqueer, etc people and communities. The name coming out describes their process of publicly identifying their sexual orientation. It is observed annually by members of LGBT communities and their straight supporters on October 11.

Here’s the blueprint for getting the change we were promised, and we voted for

The GLBT community didn’t quit demanding what they were promised on DOMA and DADT, and Obama finally came through when he saw he had no other choice. If we want any of the other promises kept, we will have to force the president to act. Because many, many of us who believed the hope hype won’t vote for him again unless he does.

Nothing seems to provoke Obama more than being challenged by the progressive base. Maybe that’s why it’s working.

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