Rock On, Sister-friend: A feminist’s secret sexist fantasy –

It’s friday, the perfect time for feminist secret sexist fantasies… I just thought I’d post this in support of all the strong feminist women who get to freak on whatever the hell they want, regardless of what’s “normal”. Feminists aren’t “normal” anyway! 

I am a feminist, and part of me loves porn. More specifically, the kind of porn that is created to be viewed by men. I’m not a man, though. I’m the kind of woman who will make others uncomfortable by pointing out a sexist joke in a commercial and driving the point home to people who don’t think anything is wrong with it, or by forwarding something from a sociological blog to my friends, usually something pointing out the ridiculousness of gendered products or blatant sexism. And yet, I cannot escape the fact that I find male-oriented porn extremely arousing

Read the rest at: A feminist’s secret sexist fantasy – Am I Normal? –

There I Said It: Elizabeth Warren Is Hot

Brains are beautiful. Eloquence is sexy. Intelligence equals better sex.

The fact is Elizabeth Warren is going to be way better in bed than your average beauty queen. As an example, I give you Sarah Palin.

A completely non-sexual view of Elizabeth Warren’s brain is here: Elizabeth Warren’s Appeal –


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